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Our Founders

Karissa and Justin are both USC alums and LA residents. They started their careers in corporate America but always had strong desires to create something that would affect the culture beyond anything they could do at their 9-5's. Karissa, inspired by the aesthetic ambition of Beyoncé, and Justin, inspired by the underground influence of Wu-tang Clan, knew that whatever they put out into the world needed to be equally dope and impactful.

Like so many others, Justin and Karissa found themselves unemployed in 2020 as a result of COVID-19. While figuring out what to do next, they started collecting plants in their homes and found comfort in the stress relief, purified air, and vitality plants bring. They wanted to get plants in the hands of people who may never have been exposed or who have never even thought of owning a plant, by presenting plants in a unique and exciting way. This was the birth of Ol' Dirty Planters. 

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Plants Vs. Everything

At the core of Ol' Dirty Planters' mission is giving back. We believe in caring for people who spend their lives for caring for others, and we empathize with those who are going through especially tough times in their lives. Our social impact division, Plants Vs. Everything, works with homeless shelters, hospitals, and youth transitional living facilities to gift our planters and provide therapeutic value with our plants. If you or your organization is interested in being part of this program, please send an email to 

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